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Rendering of lower limb difference prosthetic with a black leg socket and metal leg. The person is walking up a wooden ramp in their living room.

We're passionate about designing a more inclusive world

Our Values

We believe in helping to create a world of equality and accessibility through our design work. We want to empower organisations to be more inclusive and create products that empower those from social minority groups. We aim to collaborate with partners who also share our values so to create a more inclusive future for all.

Pink Gif Animation of the 10th Sustainble Development Goal of Reduced inequalities. the Gif shows white animated stick figure people with disabilities, different religions, and a bank with two coins to show equity. The animation starts with a sun and moon spinning around each other with the words below saying "Make every day count for the Sustainble Development Goals".
Braille Reading
Together, we can change the world through Inclusive Design
Industry Recognition

Our project work has earned industry recognition, including prestigious awards from esteemed organisations such as the Royal Society of Arts.

White ceramic pebble design award with the words "Winner - RSA Student Design Awards 2023" engraved into the pebble. The pebble is placed on a dark green felt surface.

Robert McKinna is an award-winning British inclusive designer, entrepreneur, founder, and Inclusive Design Director at Inclus. Robert founded Inclus within his Final Year of studying Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough University.


Robert has experienced inaccessibility all through his life due to his non visible disabilities of having Dyspraxia and being a Cancer Survivor.  Roberts personal experiences alongside his passion for inclusive design gave him the motivation to launch Inclus in 2022. Robert is very much involved in every project that Inclus works upon and now utilises his experience from developing inclusive design projects at the likes of Unilever and various startups for the past 6+ years, to help in delivering Inclus's services to the highest quality.

Image of Robert McKinna the founder of Inclus. Robert is a white male with ginger hair and is smiling whilst wearing a light blue shirt with a dark blue jumper. The background is a grey photo studio style background.
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