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Person with an upper limb difference using a inclusively designed green chopping board, a knife, and peg with a slot, to cut through a half chopped yellow potato.

Through collaborative inclusive design we can change the world

We want your voice to be heard!

Join our Inclusive Consumer Community below.

What is the ICC?

(Inclusive Consumer Community)

The Inclusive Consumer Community is a virtual community of individuals from social minority groups focusing upon utilising collaborative design practices to create truly inclusively designed solutions.

Fingertips of a mixed race individual feeling braille on a white page.

What do you do as a member of the ICC?

As an ICC member, you can join exciting design projects with major global organisations aiming to improve the inclusivity of their products. Your involvement can vary, from participating in surveys to attending in-person collaborative design workshop events. ICC membership is voluntary and participation within research or collaborative design workshops are always optional. 

Young adult white man with autism interacting with an ipad on a desk in front of him.
Young white adult woman sat on a black sofa in their living room whilst looking at an ipad. The woman has a lower limb modern prosthetic on their left leg.
Braille Reading
Together, we can change the world through Inclusive Design

Who can join the ICC?

Anyone who is over the age of 18 and is from a social minority group such as the elderly, disabled, or from an ethnic minority can join the community. We encourage individuals to join who experience inaccessibility and lack of inclusion when using consumer products as we want to help your voices to be heard by organisations to improve the inclusivity of their products.

Elderly man sat in a wheelchair speaking to a nurse kneeling next to him.
2 females sat in a kitchen drinking coffee whilst signing in sign language to each other across the table.
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