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Black pen sketches on a white sheet of paper of various round and smooth forms.

Our process creates truly inclusive solutions through collaboration

Founder Robert McKinna a white male with ginger hair in a pale blue shirt scratching his chin whilst looking down at an a3 piece of paper with yellow notes all over it.



Within reflection we aim to review our insights from our initial assessments of an organisations products and with our partners help to guide them on how best to move forward with our inclusive design recommendations. We aim to focus upon how organisiations can better use inclusive design implementation to gain impact and return on investment.



With partners we first aim to assess their current products or concepts to understand better what inclusive design input is needed. We aim to make this a collaborative process that helps to both educate and build a greater understanding of how inclusive design can help an organisation within the context of their potential outreach to consumers from social minority groups.

Black pen sketches on a white sheet of paper of various round and smooth forms.



Creating allows us to collaboratively form a vision with our partners with the aim to create inclusive design solutions that are feasible and viable for the organisation and potential market. Utilising sketching, CAD, and visualisation software we can bring intial concepts to life.

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Together, we can change the world through Inclusive Design



Our expertise in inclusive design helps us to deliver market ready solutions that can be easily implemented by our partners. We aim to help support for design for manufacture and create any visuals or finalised prototypes that can further communicate the final product design.

Two hands holding an orgigami like piece of paper model that has 9 individual triangle shaped wings pointing up in the air. The white paper prototype is held in front a black photo studio background.


Collaboratively Develop

Through our iterative process we look to develop concepts further into feasible and implementable solutions. Collaborative design is at the heart of our development process and so we aim to involve our inclusive consumer community and partners throughout. Utilising CAD, visuals, and 3D prototyping we can further test and assess solutions throughout their development.



Post Delivery we can also aid and advise through consulting sessions to help with the final implementations of our product solutions. We can also consult and provide support for any future projects that our partners need inclusive design expertise.

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