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Black inner sports vest with a back pocket held open by two hands whilst removing a white battery holder.

We empower organisations to create inclusive solutions for all 

Inclusive Product


We empower organisations to be able to realise the potential of utilising inclusive design through our meticulous assessment service. 

We specialise in guiding organisations to assess the inclusivity of their products, understand their current impact on individuals from social minority groups, and determine the potential return on investment achievable through the implementation of inclusive design solutions.

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Together, we can change the world through Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design Consulting

We advise organisations on how they can integrate inclusive design solutions throughout product development and within their own internal design process.

Our inclusive design consulting service offers personalised one-on-one guidance to organisations. Utilising our research, experience, and inclusive consumer community insights, we can advise and provide feedback on how to integrate inclusivity and accessibility elements into a products design.

Inclusive Industrial Design

We create inclusively designed solutions in collaboration with organisations that are easily implementable and impactful for all consumers.

We are dedicated to aiding organizations in creating desirable, user-centric, and inclusive products. Our approach seamlessly integrates inclusive design research with collaborative partnerships involving consumers from marginalized groups, culminating in purpose-driven, inclusive products, and accessible experiences.

Blue vest with popper holes and a white tracker prototype with connecting poppers being held ready to connect in the persons hand in front of the popper holes.
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